“What’s Next In…” is a podcast about the rapidly changing world and how to stay ahead of it.

Join Phil and his co-host Liora Raitblat every Monday as they talk about trends and topics that are rapidly changing our world. You can listen to the first episode below.

EPISODE 1: What’s Next In Introductions
We do this one thing almost daily, “Hello, my name is X and I do Y”. We introduce ourselves to new colleagues, clients, strangers, acquaintances, future friends, and maybe lovers. After all, you can’t redo a first impression. Why do we so often default to our job titles when there are so many other ways to introduce ourselves? 

In this episode, the first-ever, Phil and Liora thought they were recording a 2-minute teaser trailer to get listeners hooked. But instead, they ended up diving deep into introductions, what makes a name and the cultural and historical significance in a name, and the importance of identifying ourselves by our values instead of our titles.

Join them as they ask what’s next in the future of introducing ourselves?  

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