Phil was a recent panelist at the 11th Clean Energy Ministerial Side Event on a discussion on the journey of clean energy innovators. Phil represented Canada as the Mission Innovation Champion for this year and spoke about his experiences in developing clean technology.

This public-facing side event aims to take a deep dive into the journey of individual innovators that – through their own efforts and initiatives – bring new clean energy solutions to society, often with the support of public and/or private funding vehicles or non-financial enabling policy frameworks. To leverage the potential of innovators to spearhead the clean energy transition, the virtual roundtable, moderated by a high-level MI-member government official, will highlight the role of these innovators in accelerating the transition, as well as their vision on technology and policies. MI Champions and Young Innovators will share their experience, with particular reference to their experience of public R&D programs, philanthropic and investment vehicles. The conclusions and findings of the session will contribute to the discussion among Mission Innovation decision makers, to shape the new wave of global innovation efforts in particular through Mission Innovation 2.0.

You can see the video of the entire side event below here:

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