A Better Tomorrow, Phil's Policy Priorities for Toronto-St. Paul's

I am absolutely thrilled to announce our campaign policy priority book – A Better Tomorrow: Phil’s Policy Priorities for Toronto-St. Paul’s.

Here you will find my platform focused on three main issues:

  • A Just and Sustainable Society
  • Green Jobs That Leave No One Behind
  • Housing That All Can Afford


I talk about supporting a guaranteed livable income, a federal sick day program, mental health supports for essential workers, 100% zero-emission electricity grids, net-zero cities, revitalization of science and innovation, building affordable housing, and making homes more accessible and sustainable.

You can download the full platform booklet here.

Our campaign is funded by grassroots supporters like you who chip in what they can, when they can.

We need your help to make bold change. Work with us to build a better Canada.

Toronto-St. Paul's

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