World Gold Council Documentary, The Golden Thread

Phil was recently featured in a documentary by the World Gold Council called the Golden Thread. 

 The World Gold Council has launched its first immersive documentary series showcasing gold’s impact on humanity’s past, present and future. A five-episode series explores the metal’s history, cultural relevance and technological uses.

Featuring experts and stories from around the world, exploring gold’s world-changing impact as an engineering super-material, biological instrument, symbolic creative medium and economic pillar. It is presented by Hannah Fry, a professor in the Mathematics of Cities, best-selling author and award-winning TV host. Filmed across the globe, the series features experts including include clean-tech pioneer Phil De LunaTawny Chatmon, an artist who works with gold leaf; and with a former F1 championship-winning mechanic.

Episode 2: Unlocking the Extraordinary

Uncover how gold has given humans extraordinary connectivity enabling faster, more distant and more reliable communication alongside unprecedented performance in the digital and physical worlds. This episode features clean-tech pioneer Phil de Luna, as well as former F1 championship-winning McLaren mechanic beside a rare gold-lined McLaren F1 supercar.

Watch the episode here:

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