VLOG Episode 5: A Conversation on Truth & Reconiliation

Today I have a conversation with my friend Dakota Norris about the meaning of “Truth & Reconciliation”, Indigenous self-identity, and the path forward on this complex and issue.

After recording this conversation, Dakota had this reflection, “I think that was an informative and honest conversation that people could benefit from. In sharing this conversation, in hindsight, I would have added more positive examples of the successes and great work that is happening in this space. I would have made clear that I’m talking about only a handful of people in each case, and discussed more about why I’m proud to be Indigenous. I feel I might perpetuate negative bias or opinions in several ways by focusing on trauma and similar topics, when there’s so much more we could discuss. I think this arose because I leaned on a lot of specific examples that have impacted me and I’ve had to discuss several times in my personal life. Overall, I’m glad we did it, and thanks to Phil for taking the time to start this conversation.”

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