VLOG Episode 13: How a Party Leader Recruits People to Run

One of the reasons I’m running for office is because of a conversation I had with Annamie Paul. I had never been politically active before and while I was always interested in politics, it was always as a spectator, never as a player. That all changed when she urged me to run.

Increasing diversity in politics isn’t just about quotas, but it’s about actively empowering non-traditional candidates to run.

This vlog was originally shot in early May. Since then, there has been internal Green Party infighting including calling a vote for non-confidence in the current Green Party Leader, Annamie Paul. Despite that, I felt this was an important episode for me to share and it is authentic to my reasons for running. I personally feel that Annamie deserves to lead the party through an election and that we should let her lead.

In my latest campaign vlog, I talk about how a party leader recruits people to run, how important the role of a leader is, and share a bit of Annamie’s campaign launch from May, which I had the pleasure to emcee.

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