Our campaign is only possible because of a team of dedicated and talented volunteers.
Join us now and volunteer today!

Tim Marskell
Co-Campaign Manager
Day Job: Digital Advertising Manager

Gabrielle Bouchard
Co-Campaign Manager
Day Job: Urban Transit Engineer

Enid Tuli
Financial Agent
Day Job: Surety Risk Associate

Keshna Sood
Campaign Volunteer
Day Job: PhD Candidate in Molecular Genetics

Amanda Loder
Volunteer Coordinator
Day Job: PhD Candidate in Physical Geography

Gabriel Blanc
Volunteer Coordinator 
Day Job: History & Environmental Science Student

Lawrence Quan
Digital Communications
DayJob: Digital Growth Founder

Valerie Chiykowski
Events & Fundraising
Day Job: Startup Venture Manager

Megan Power
Day Job: Copywriter

Cat Mercer
Web & Social Media
Day Job: Criminal Lawyer

Moses Njoroge
Events Coordinator
Day Job: Conservation Specialist

Dillon Aykac
Data Management
Day Job: Software Developer

Adam Deutsch
Canvass Coordinator
Day Job: Software Developer

Bill Pegg
Day Job: Doctor

Justine Kimoden
Day Job: Content Development 

Hannah Oldham
Media & Public Relations
Day Job: Marketing Manager

Aaliah Carlos
Day Job: MA Candidate in Science and Technology Studies

Eyal Wilk
Canvas Coordinator
Day Job: Operations Manager

April Yeung
Fundraising & Policy
Day Job: Policy Researcher

Our campaign is funded by grassroots supporters like you who chip in what they can, when they can.

We need your help to make bold change. Work with us to build a better Canada.

Toronto-St. Paul's

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