Below are a list of press releases, interviews, op-eds, and features of Phil and his work.

  • Toronto Star Op-Ed, “I’ve never had a role model in senior management who looked like me. This needs to change” Aug. 2020
  • Inquirer, “Meet 28-year-old youngest director in Canada’s Nat’l Research Council July 2020
  • VICE, “This Young Climate Scientist Is Creating Energy Out of Thin Air” Mar. 2020
  • Globe and Mail, “Bringing together diverse voices for climate action“. Jan. 2020
  • The Atmospheric Fund interview with Phil, “Toronto-based XPRIZE Finalist shows how to turn carbon emissions into renewable fuel“. Aug. 2018
  • Science Trends article written by Phil, “CO2 Conversion: Turning Waste Into Value“. Aug. 2018
  • Popular Science article and interview with Phil, “If we’re going to capture our carbon emissions, we might as well put them to use“. Apr. 2018
  • How Stuff Works article and interview with Phil, “Captured CO2 Could Store Energy From Solar Panels and Wind Turbines”Apr. 2018
  • NexusMedia article and interview with Phil, “After Carbon Capture, Conversion Offers New Energy Possibilities”Apr. 2018
  • Seeker article and interview with Phil,  “How to Turn Carbon Dioxide Pollution Into Useful Products“. Apr. 2018
  • Science interview “Scientists say we’re on the cusp of a carbon dioxide–recycling revolution”Mar. 2018
  • Independent story “Researchers discover new catalyst for efficiently recycling waste carbon dioxide into plastic” on our Nature Catalysis paper. Jan. 2018
  • Newsweek story “New technology address dangers of carbon dioxide by turning it into… plastic” on our Nature Catalysis paper. Jan. 2018
  • Global News article on new Nature Catalysis paper and research with the Canadian Light Source. Jan. 2018
  • Forbes, “Improving Conversion Of Carbon Dioxide” Aug. 2016 
  • CBC, “What if we could turn CO2 back into fuel? Researchers get one step closer” Aug. 2016
  •, “Recycling carbon dioxide: Researchers reduce climate-warming CO2 to building blocks for fuels.” Aug. 2016
  • EurekaAlert! “Saving sunshine for a rainy day: New catalyst offers efficient storage of green energy. Mar. 2016