EP7: What's Next In Age Tech What's Next In … with Phil & Liora

No one can escape getting older, no matter how much we try, time comes for us all. Demographically, the number of people past retirement age (65 years old) will only increase as more baby boomers get older and advances in medicine lengthen our lives. There is a huge gap to address the unique needs and wants of this generation with technology that is tailor-made for our golden years. Why is that? And what can we do to fix it? Join Phil and Liora as they ask, "what's next in the technology you'll be using at 85". 
  1. EP7: What's Next In Age Tech
  2. EP6: What's Next In Influencing Innovation
  3. EP5: What's Next In The Products You'll Find Exclusive
  4. EP4: What's Next In Being Happy in the 21st Century
  5. EP3: What's Next In The Social Part of Social Media

About the Podcast

“What’s Next In…” is a podcast about the rapidly changing world and how we can get ahead of it.

Episodes drop very Monday and explore topics like carbon taxes, robo-investors, intrapraneurship, and what makes people happy.