Positive Energy Conference

Last week Phil had the great opportunity to serve as a volunteer at Positive Energy. This inaugural conference brings together leaders from the Aboriginal community, academia, government, industry, NGOs, and policy institutes to grapple collectively with of social acceptance and support:

• Public Opinion and Energy Literacy
• Local Community and NGO Dimensions
• Aboriginal Participation in Energy Development
• Federalism, Inter-governmental and Inter-regional Relations in Energy Development

This conference was invite only with many established speakers such as the President and CEO of Suncor Energy, Chair and CEO of the National Energy Board, Director of Sustainable Prosperity, and the Senator of Alberta.

The program has been structured to put the focus on identifying areas where we might ‘move the needle’ on these important issues. The fruits of the conference will inform solution-focused research going forward, as well as subsequent events in the Positive Energy initiative.

Phil De Luna at the Positive Energy Conference March 4th, 2015.

Dr. Yu Scholarship Winner!

Phil was recently awarded the Dr. Yu Scholarship worth $5000 from the University of Ottawa. Dr. Ruey J. Yu, Ph.D., O.M.D., a dermatopharmacologist and acupuncturist originally from Taiwan, studied at the Department of Chemistry, University of Ottawa from 1962 to 1965. After more than 40 years in ground-breaking dermatology research in the U.S. which has led to scores of patents and the launch of a successful skincare company NeoStrata, Dr. Yu came back to the U of O to present a $500,000 donation to the university. With matching government grants, there is now more than $1 million in the Dr. Yu Scholarship Fund.

Dr. Ruey J. Yu, OMD, PhD

Osgoode Barn Charity Gala Raises $1500 for Epilepsy Canada

The Osgoode Barn Charity Gala was a great success raising over $1500 for Epilepsy Canada. Phil and his housemates Josh Schram, Patrick Marquis, and Mitch Stewart independently organized a gala for 78 guests. Phil is a part of the Osgoode Barn, which is a group of friends who enjoy hosting social events such as concerts and parties. This is the first fundraising event that they have attempted and it was an amazing success.

Organizers of the Osgoode Barn Charity Gala. Left to Right: Mitch Stewart, Phil De Luna, Patrick Marquis, Joshua Schram

Telfer Trading Competition Winner!

Last week Phil won the Social Outcry Trading Event at the Telfer Trading Competition. This annual trading competition is run by the Telfer School of Finance as a stock market simulation. Phil entered with minimal experience in trading but with an avid interest in the free market. He won the live Social Outcry Event where participants engage in live real time trading with paper slips like the days before computerized trading.

CASCO Charity Gala a $66K Success!

In addition to chemistry, Phil is involved in the charity organization CASCO. CASCO is a student-run organization comprised of students from the University of Ottawa. For the past 14 years, CASCO has produced an annual gala show, putting the spotlight on the talents of Telfer students. The much anticipated soirée is one comprised of song, dance and fashion, and succeeds in unifying 200 students, 200 business professionals and 200 community members with the common goal of providing support for the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO).

Phil is a dancer for the annual CASCO gala and this year the CASCO organization raised $66,530.83 for CHEO which will be going towards a new MRI machine for young children.


Last TA Lecture at University of Ottawa

Phil recently finished his last General Chemistry Lab Tutorial Lecture at uOttawa. These hour and a half sessions ran twice a week, sometimes more. This is the second year that Phil has lectured the lab tutorials with attendance being consistently high. Phil takes teaching very seriously and it is one of his favourite things about graduate school. Here is an email he recently received from a student:

Hey Phil,
Just wanted to personally thank you for all your help this semester. You made it a lot more enjoyable to do these labs. I always felt prepared and found a lot of my friends always asking me “when’s Phil’s lab tutorial?” You made the lab environment more fun and were super accommodating even meeting my partner and I on the weekend. You put the students first even though I’m sure you’re super busy with your own work. Thanks for everything you did to make lab section D the best lab section of them all and for making our first semester of university just a bit more bearable! :p Good luck with your studies and I’ll hopefully see you around. 
Take care and all the best,
Eadan Farber


CERP at Thousand Islands Energy Research Forum (TIERF)

Today Phil De Luna presented on behalf of the Collaboratory of Energy Research Policy (CERP) student network at the Thousand Islands Energy Research Forum. CERP is an interdisciplinary organization made up of graduate students in various fields from public policy, economics, computer science, and physical sciences. It started off as a forum for group discussion to share perspectives and views on energy research but quickly evolved into a group with initiatives. Our first major project is the implementation of an energy literacy survey which will be administered to the student population to gauge the population’s knowledge, and to promote energy literacy.


Energy Literacy Survey Poster Presented at TIERF

Centre for Catalysis Research and Innovation Seminar Talk

Phil recently presented his collaborative work with the Ben Lab on Ice Recrystallization Inhibition molecules to the Centre for Catalysis Research and Innovation (CCRI) at the University of Ottawa. The CCRI is a collaborative organization of researchers at the University of Ottawa with the focus being on catalysis research and innovation. The talk is a weekly seminar showcasing specific research projects from various research groups of the CCRI.

Phil’s talk was on developing a Quantitative Structure Activity Relationship (QSAR) model to predict the activity of molecules for ice recrystallization and preservation.

Teaching Assistant Award!

Phil was recently awarded a Teaching Assistant Award from the Department of Chemistry for the 2013-2014 school year! Last year Phil TA’d general chemistry as a tutorial lecturer/lab demonstrator, organic chemistry as a lab demonstrator, and advanced materials synthesis as a lab demonstrator. This is the first teaching assistant award Phil has received!

Here’s a picture of one of Phil’s tutorial classes for gen. chem!


CMC Poster Award!

Phil received another poster award, this time at the  CMC conference in Banff. There were four total poster prizes for each different symposia with 6o+ posters. This marks the third poster prize and a perfect conference record!


Phil De Luna (left) accepts prize for poster in Theme A category from CMC Scientific Director Steve Larter