Phil has just received an offer to join Massey College as a Junior Fellow. Massey College is a graduate students’ residential community affiliated with, but independent from, the University of Toronto. It provides a unique, congenial and intellectual environment for graduate students of distinguished ability in all disciplines to share in a rich and stimulating community.

Obtaining a fellowship to Massey College is an extremely competitive process. Similar to All Souls College, Oxford, senior and junior fellows of Massey College are nominated from the university community and occasionally the wider community, and are elected by the governing Corporation of the college.

Junior Fellows are postgraduate students “of distinguished ability”at the University of Toronto, either in the study of art and sciences subjects or a professional discipline such as law or medicine. Resident Junior Fellows generally live in the college for up to three years before becoming non-resident Junior Fellows for another two years. Typically, about sixty Junior Fellows are resident and another ninety are non-resident. Each year, new prospective Junior Fellows apply to the college to be elected by the governing corporation. Junior Fellows are elected based on: