Phil recently finished his last General Chemistry Lab Tutorial Lecture at uOttawa. These hour and a half sessions ran twice a week, sometimes more. This is the second year that Phil has lectured the lab tutorials with attendance being consistently high. Phil takes teaching very seriously and it is one of his favourite things about graduate school. Here is an email he recently received from a student:

Hey Phil,
Just wanted to personally thank you for all your help this semester. You made it a lot more enjoyable to do these labs. I always felt prepared and found a lot of my friends always asking me “when’s Phil’s lab tutorial?” You made the lab environment more fun and were super accommodating even meeting my partner and I on the weekend. You put the students first even though I’m sure you’re super busy with your own work. Thanks for everything you did to make lab section D the best lab section of them all and for making our first semester of university just a bit more bearable! :p Good luck with your studies and I’ll hopefully see you around. 
Take care and all the best,
Eadan Farber