Phil’s first-author publication from his time with Dr. Ruhong Zhou at the IBM TJ Watson Research Center was just published in Nano Letters!

This work was in collaboration with Prof. Shana Kelley at Prof. Ted Sargent at the University of Toronto. The technology studied this paper is the basis of a biosensing company Xagenic, founded by Prof. Shana Kelley.

You can find the paper here:  or download it here.

High-curvature electrodes facilitate rapid and sensitive detection of a broad class of molecular analytes. These sensors have reached detection limits not attained using bulk macroscale materials. It has been proposed that immobilized DNA probes are displayed at a high deflection angle on the sensor surface, allowing greater accessibility and more efficient hybridization. Here we report the first use of all-atom molecular dynamics simulations coupled with electrochemical experiments to explore the dynamics of ssDNA immobilized on high-curvature vs. flat surfaces.