Cracking the Code to High Impact Publishing

A few weeks ago, I made a post on LinkedIn celebrating an academic milestone, >10,000 citations over the past 5 years. I acknowledged that citations are not a perfect metric […]

Making The Most of Mentorship

Making the Most of Mentorship Of the dozens of talks I’ve listened to, and given, on early career development; one piece of advice is consistently said – find a good […]

A Guide To Funding Your First Cleantech Venture

Last week the Canadian government laid out its $9.1B plan to reduce emissions 40-45% by 2030. The plan outlined investments in hydrogen, carbon capture technologies, and zero-emission vehicles like charging […]

>10,000 citations in the past 5 years

Phil’s published research just hit over 10,000 citations over the past 5 years according to Google Scholar.  I’ve always thought citations are an imperfect metric for scientific achievement, especially in […]

Creative Destruction Lab Interview w/ Phil De Luna

Phil was recently interviewed by Creative Destruction Lab about advice to emerging cleantech startups. In this interview, Phil provides his thoughts on trending technologies in cleantech, the Canadian startup ecosystem, […]

Carbon: The Unauthorised Biography

Go Back Home Phil will be appearing in the documentary Carbon: An Unauthorised Biography alongside other scientists and experts such as Neil deGrasse Tyson. Carbon premiers in March.  Synopsis With […]

Accelerated Materials Discovery Book Launch

Go Back Home Phil will be launching a book, Accelerated Materials Discovery: How to Use Artificial Intelligence to Speed Up Discovery which will be published by De Gruyter in March.  […]

Mission Innovation Champion’s Corner Profile

Go Back Home Phil was recently featured on Mission Innovation’s Champion’s Corner as a champion for Canada.  Mission Innovation is a global initiative to catalyze action and investment in research, development […]