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I am currently leading a world-class 7-year $57M collaborative research program on Canada-made clean energy technology at the National Research Council of Canada. My mandate is to develop transformative technologies to help Canada achieve net-zero GHG emissions by 2050. My moonshot is to make renewable fuels and chemicals from air and water.

In my spare time, I serve as Vice-Chair on the Board of Directors of CMC Research Institutes (a carbontech non-profit). As a member of the OECD Advanced Materials Steering Committee I work with international leaders on the policy of collaborative research platforms. As an Action Canada Fellow, I develop policy recommendations for the future of work in the agricultural sector across the rural and urban divide.

In my past life I was an entrepreneurial technologist having raised $2M in non-dilutive funding as a carbontech co-founder and Carbon XPRIZE Finalist (1 of 10 globally). I currently serve as a founding Mentor of the Matter and Climate Streams in Creative Destruction Lab, helping science-based startups bring advanced technology to market. I also serve on the Polestar Under 30 Forbes Advisory Board where I advise on increasing the market adoption of electric vehicles.

In my further past life I was an award-winning highly-cited academic researcher. My expertise spans cutting-edge topics such as carbon capture and conversion, hydrogen production, solar fuels, artificial photosynthesis, and machine learning for materials discovery. My work has been published over 40 times in high-impact scientific journals such as Nature and Science and has been covered by mainstream media such as VICE, Forbes, Independent, Newsweek, CBC, etc. My op-eds have been published in the Toronto Star and Corporate Knights.

I earned my BSc Chemistry from the University of Windsor before earning my MSc Chemistry at the University of Ottawa. I was a visiting scholar at Stanford, UC Berkeley, the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, and the Canadian Light Source. I was a researcher at the IBM TJ Watson Research Center in the summer of 2016 and the Toyota Research Institute in the summer of 2018 where he worked on biosensing and machine learning for batteries and fuel cells respectively.

I enjoy exploring new cities, bouldering, longboarding, live music in small intimate venues, watching Raptor’s games, and cooking delicious food. On weekends you can find me roaming the streets of Toronto listening to the newest Drake songs.


  • Youngest Director in NRC’s >100 year history
  • Listed on Forbes Top 30 Under 30 – Energy
  • Listed on Forbes “Best of Canada” Top 30 Innovators
  • Mission Innovation Champion for Canada
  • Finalist (1 of 10 globally) in the $20M Carbon XPRIZE
  • Action Canada Fellow
  • Massey College Fellow
  • Governor General Gold Medalist
  • Member of the OECD Advanced Materials Steering Committee
  • Member of the Polestar Under 30 Forbes Advisory Board
  • Member of the Institute of Corporate Directors